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Narendra Modi News: Modi Surpasses 90 Million Twitter Followers, Outshining Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak in Global Reach

PM Modi Surpasses90.2 Million Twitter Followers, Becomes India’s utmost Followed Personality on the Platform Prime Minister Narendra Modi has achieved a remarkable corner, amassing over90.2 million followers on Twitter, making him the most followed individual from India on the social media platform. specially, his outstanding list of followers includes Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, who himself boasts the loftiest follower count worldwide, with an followership of 147 million. Musk is known to follow a select group of just 195 individualities, while PM Modi extends his following to 2,589 Twitter druggies.

PM Modi’s Twitter trip began in 2009 during his term as Gujarat’s chief minister, fleetly attracting a substantial base of followers, crossing one lakh within a time. By July 2020, his follower count had reached a estimable 60 million, further solidifying his social media outreach. lately, the World of Statistics, on its sanctioned Twitter handle, unveiled a list of the top 10 most followed individualities on the platform. Securing the eighth position, PM Modi stands out as the only Indian personality in this elite group. He surpassed former US President Donald Trump, who commands an followership of86.6 million, as well as famed American songster and actress Lady Gaga, who boasts84.1 million followers. Heading the global leaderboard is Elon Musk, with an emotional 147 million followers, traced nearly by former US President Barack Obama with132.1 million, songster Justin Bieber with 111 million, and fabulous football player Cristiano Ronaldo with108.9 million followers. Among other prominent world leaders, United States President Joe Biden garners a substantial following of37.3 million accounts, while UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has an followership of 2 million followers.

PM Modi’s substantial digital presence on Twitter showcases his influence on a global scale, establishing him as one of the most prominent political numbers engaging with citizens through social media. Stay tuned for further breaking news and updates from India and around the world.”

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