Elise a galaxy away from teen bullies

ELISE Nazzari was bullied so heavily in her teens that she had to move high school three times before dropping out altogether.

Little did the Burswood local know the harrowing experience would set the wheels in motion for her to eventually claim the Miss Galaxy Australia crown.

Nazzari turned to beauty pageants as a way to heal her self-confidence after battling anxiety and depression, and three attempts later she won the title at the national final on the Gold Coast this month.

An aspiring PhD candidate who is completing an honours degree in sociology and anthropology, the 22-year-old said she wanted to prove that brainy is beautiful.

“I think I represent what it is to be a modern beauty queen,” Nazzari said.

“Growing up, I was quite intelligent and I was bullied for that.

media_cameraElise Nazzari will travel to Florida for the international Miss Galaxy final. Picture: Danella Bevis.

“I am at a point in my life where I can really embrace what makes me different, even my look I don’t think is the stereotypical model look — I am not super tall or skinny.

“I embody what I really needed as a role model when I was a kid. I would like to see girls that are a bit different not get bullied for not fitting that stock-standard supermodel mould.”

Nazzari will travel to Florida for the international Miss Galaxy final in July but her goals don’t end there.

She is planning to work towards attaining a PhD focusing on applied social research and restorative justice, a passion that began growing up around remote communities in Karratha.

“My goal was to get it by the age of 25 but now I realise how important it is for me to have more life experience as there’s only so much you can learn through books,” Nazzari said.

“That’s when you have an impact; when you can really connect with people.”

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